Slater Rose Design | Vince Frost – Homage
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Vince Frost – Homage

About This Project

This project was a ‘Homage to a Design Great’, I picked Vince Frost through his connection to my old boss Nick Crosbie. The two had worked closely together on a number of projects in London in the 90s and 00s. I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Vince and the ideas that came out of it as a result all contributed to this booklet – which was a mock up of a newspaper. Why I picked a newspaper is explained in the document, however in short Vince mentioned when redesigning the Independent Magazine in London he realised that newspaper heads were being very old fashioned in their approach to the news. That they had the opportunity to create something massive, to be the change that is needed to ignite the enthusiasm towards print news again.

I explain in the text that this isn’t how I imagine Vince would design the news as that isn’t the point of a homage, but it is a nod to the idea that the opportunity is there to bring a higher level of design to the news.